Finding The Best Oil Pastels – Blend Your Way to a Masterpiece

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Oil pastel is a wonderful and often forgotten medium of art. For that reason we’ve pulled together some information on the best oil pastels out there. All the information that you will need to know to get started using oil pastels. We’ve also gone ahead and answered all of the most common pastel related questions in one place.

6 Best Chalk Markers – Creating Beautiful Chalkboard Pieces


There is a huge amount of great uses for a chalkboard. Be it for signage outside your store or cafe, telling your customers the daily specials, or something more personal like a weekly to-do list in your room. Chalk markers are a great, no mess, alternative to normal chalk which give you vibrant colors, sharp lines all the while still being easily erasable.

Best Watercolor Brushes – Get Your Watercolor on Track

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Watercolor is one of our favorite mediums of art. But you’re going to need a brush to get started. So here are the best watercolor brushes out there. We’ve split things into a few categories, so there should be an option for you, regardless of your level.

Introduction to Erasable Colored Pencils

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Colored pencils are a wonderful medium of art. Accessable, vibrant and lots of fun. They are a great way to get your creativity going. One problem that many face when compared to sketching pencils, is just how difficult they are to erase. Enter erasable colored pencils.