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The Taste Gap – The Message That Every Creative Beginner Needs to Hear


Have you been really excited to start a new creative venture? Starting a new craft is always exciting, but in the beginning we often find that our ideas are beyond our ability. The process of making the things you create closer to the ideas that you have is an experience that will be familiar to any creative, but no one ever tells the beginners.

The Equal Odds Rule – Is Creativity Just a Numbers Game?

The Equal Odds Rule feature

Today we are talking about the Equal Odds Rule. An interesting theory that we think can easily be applied to creative work. Helping you to both improve in your journey as a creative, while also maximizing your chances of breaking out and getting noticed.

It’s Not About the Equipment

Tech knolling

So here’s the deal. You don’t need expensive kit to get started. It’s never about the kit. You should aim to start by learning the substance of whatever creative journey you are hoping to embark on. I repeat, it’s not about the kit.