6 Best Chalk Markers – Creating Beautiful Chalkboard Pieces


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There is a huge amount of great uses for a chalkboard. Be it for signage outside your store or cafe, telling your customers the daily specials, or something more personal like a weekly to-do list in your room. Chalk markers are a great, no mess, alternative to normal chalk which give you vibrant colors, sharp lines all the while still being easily erasable.

We’ve gone and found the best chalk markers in order to get you out there making some beautiful chalkboard art. 

In a hurry? Here are our favorites

The Best Chalk Markers Available 

There is a whole world of chalk markers out there, but you may as well use the best.  We have picked out a few options that we think are pretty great for you to check out.

VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers

VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers - Set of 10, Classic Colors, Bold

VersaChalk are one of the go-to brands when it comes to chalk markers. Their set of 10 liquid chalk markers is a great place to start for most people. They also have some cool options for metallic or neon coloring if you fancy something a little different.

The markers themselves have all of the qualities that you would expect from some of the best chalk markers out there. Reversible tips, allowing you to change them a rounded bullet shape to a flat chisel. Bold, bright and opaque coloring. As well as the easy removal of said coloring with a damp cloth.

The classic set contains the following colors: White, Black, Classic Brown, Classic Purple, Classic Yellow, Classic Red, Classic Light Brown, Classic Green, Classic Blue and Classic Peach.

This is a nice mix of the basics, as well as covering some more exotic and fun colors. It should also be noted that the markers are all non-toxic, dust free, and water soluble. This makes them great for all kinds of design work, as well as meaning there are no worries when used by kids.

As we said, VeraChalk are very much the go too when it comes to chalk markers, and we think their liquid chalk markers live up to that. A great pickup for anyone looking for chalk markers. 

Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers

Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Marker - Assorted Colors, Set A, Extra Fine

The Bistro Chalk Markers from Marvy Uchida are a little more specialised than the VeraChalk that we covered before. This makes them less versatile, but also has some real benefits if you know what you want.

Their markers are available in a range of colors and with either bullet or chisel tips. The thing that sets them apart is their choice of tip size. With markers available in Extra fine, 3 mm and 6mm – it is easier to find the best chalk marker for your particular use case. 

The markers perform well across the board (no pun intended), as you would expect. With the finer markers enabling you to add more intricate detail to your work.

There is a full range of vibrant colors available for the Bistro chalk markers with a range of fluorescent and metallic colors to choose from as well. This is a great option if you want to get a more specialised tool for the job and know what you want. 

Sharpie Chalk Markers

Sharpie Chalk Markers - Assorted Colors, Set of 5

Now Sharpie is a brand that needs no introduction. They also bring their well known quality to their chalk markers. Available in a few different sets, the colors on offer are a little more restrained than those we have already covered. 

While they may not offer the likes of fluorescents and metallic color. If you are looking for classic white, as well as the colors in the primary and secondary range, then the Sharpie chalk markers work great.

Molotow Chalk Markers

Molotow Chalk Marker - Basic Colors, Set of 6, 15 mm

In a bit of a change of pace we have the playfully designed Molotow chalk markers. These are wonderful little stout markers that both perform well and last a long time if stored correctly (keep the cap on folks!).

These are once again markers that enable you to choose exactly what you want. They have you covered for almost every combination of nib type, size and color that you could come up with. 

Longevity is one of the standout points of the Molotow markers. This is further improved by the fact these markers are refillable. This means that when the ink contained in your marker does eventually run out. You can easily refill it and get back to using it. This is both a great cost saver, as well as being good for the environment. 

Uni-Ball Uni Chalk Markers

Uni-Ball Uni Chalk Marker - White, 5 mm

This set of markers comes from another mainstay in the stationary market. The Uni Chalk markers are actually a new addition at our art retailer of choice, Blick – and we are glad they added them to their huge selection.

There is a huge variety of markers on offer, sold piecemeal for the most flexibility. You don’t have to get any color or tip that you don’t think you’ll use. With regards to the markers themselves, they have the quality you would expect from Uni. being both vibrant and colorful markers, that last well outdoors. Markings are also reasonably easy to remove with a damp cloth (though the yellow can stain a little in some cases). 

Overall, these markers are well worth the try. And if you are unsure you can buy just one to try out. Which we think is great.

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Markers

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Markers - Primary Colors, Jumbo Point, Set of 4

Concluding our picks for the best chalk markers is the Pentel Wet Erase chalk markers. These markers are very much in line with what we have discussed. All that good stuff, choice of colors, tips and easy erasability (as long as you stick to the right surfaces).

The reason we picked out these pens in particular is that we really like their Jumbo versions. These are markers that give a fantastically chunky line, which we think can be a great addition to add emphasis on a sign. Well worth checking out. 

What are Chalk Markers?

Chalk markers are an evolution of the sticks of chalk that we are all familiar with. While we all may be used to the visual of a professor writing on a blackboard with chalk, chalk markers are intended for more artistic use. Utilising liquid chalk, they enable the creation of opaque lettering and artwork on non-porous surfaces.

essential written in chalk
Photo by Kelly McCrimmon 

Chalk markers are more precise than regular chalk due to form factor, and the use of liquid chalk opens up the opportunity to layer colors and produce highlights in artistic ways.

Where Might I use Chalk Markers?

Chalk markers are mostly used on non-porous or sealed surfaces such as; glass, metals, ceramics, plastics and of course chalkboards. This also indicates the type of things that you might use chalk markers for.

They are primarily used for temporary art and lettering.  The most common use is in signage and welcome signs in stores (particularly those with regularly changing offering). But there are also loads of other ways that chalk markers can be used. Such as decoration, calendars, and personal notice boards.

Chalk Marker Buying Guide

As with every purchase there are a couple of things that you should look for to make sure you end up with a product that you are happy with.

Aritistic cafe board
Photo by Kelly McCrimmon 

Reversible Tip

One of the best features that many chalk markers have is a reversible tip. This means that you can generally move between a rounded tip (bullet) or a flat (chisel shape). The reversible tip is a great tool for introducing variety into the art you do with a marker. Particularly useful when doing different types of lettering.

Compatible Surfaces

Chalk markers generally work best on non-porous or sealed surfaces. These are surfaces like metal, glass, ceramics and of course chalkboards. Occasionally  manufacturers will specialise to a single type of surface. Make sure that the chalk markers you get works well on the surface you intend to use it on. If in doubt (i.e. you don’t know exactly what you’ll be drawing on) it’s best to go for the generalised chalk markers that work well on all the surface types we mentioned.


Being an opaque medium, chalk markers are available in some really cool and vibrant colors. Not all packs are made equal though. Make sure that the set you get has the colors that you want. Vibrant colors can make your signage and art really stand out.


For the most part the best chalk markers only require a damp cloth in order to be erased. But it’s best to make sure that also goes for the markers that you purchase. On occasion manufacturers will suggest extra steps such as the use of ammonia or glass cleaner to fully remove the chalk. While this is typically not a huge issue, it’s best to know these things up front.

Chalk Marker Tips

How to use Chalk Markers?

Using a chalk marker isn’t quite as straightforward as using a stick of chalk. But it’s still really easy. Check out this short clip from Versachalk to get you started.

More Tips on using Chalk Markers

  1. Make sure to clean your drawing surface before you start a piece.
  1. Chalk markers use liquid ink, this means that lines will take a few seconds to dry. Keep this in mind to avoid smudges.
  1. Not all chalkboards are comptabale with chalk markers (yes we know, it makes no sense). Chalk markers are intended for non-porous surfaces, this rules out things like painted chalkboard walls and MDF chalkboard.
  1. If ever in doubt, try out your marker on a small area to see if it works.
  1. Most marking can be removed by simply cleaning the area with damp cloth (make sure the cloth is clean!).
  1. Chalk markers should be stored upright (with the cap at the top). Also make sure the cap is well secured, as this will improve the longevity of the marker.

Chalk markers are a great way to decorate and spruce up your signage, or even things in your personal life like a calendar or daily goal board. We hope this roundup of the best chalk markers as well as the tips outlined have been helpful.

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