6 Best Mixed Media Sketchbooks – Finding A Home for all Your Artwork

picture of mixed media sketchbooks

Finding a place to put all your art can be hard work. With each different medium needing slighting different types of paper to look their best. That’s why we have put together a list of the best mixed media sketchbooks we could find. These are sketchbooks that can do it all, whether you are using pencils, ink, markers or watercolors.

Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing

Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing feature

Following on from our round up of the best graphite drawing pencils we thought that we should also cover those that are looking for something a little more high-tech. So without further ado here is our selection of the best mechanical pencils for drawing. Mechanical pencils are a great alternative to the normal pencil and have some very clear benefits for drawing and sketching. Consistent feel in the hand, in terms of length and weight, and refill as just two key areas we will discuss.

Best Watercolor Paint Sets for Artists of all Abilities

Watercolor set on table

When it comes to painting on of the most accessible disciplines is watercolor. Easy to start but hard master. We are taking a look at the best watercolor paint sets for artists of all abilities. Trying to find quality beginner (student) grade paint at a reasonable price. While also showing you some of the professional paints that could help take your art to the next level.

Best Drawing Pencils for Beginners and Professionals Alike

man holding pencil and pad

In this article we’ll take you through some of the best drawing pencils available that both beginners and professionals will enjoy. We’ll also look to break down some of the terminology that is used in the world of pencils, gain a better understanding of pencil grades and what to consider when looking for a pencil for drawing or sketching.