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Exploring The Best Watercolor Paper


Today we’ll be taking a look at the best watercolor paper out there. Watercolor is a wonderful medium of art. But with the wrong paper as your painting surface, things can go terribly wrong. Worry not, we’ll not only show you all of our favorite types of paper, but also talk you through some of the details of what makes watercolor paper so great at its job. That means, either way you’ll leave here able to make the best possible purchase decision when getting yourself some paper for watercolor.

Best Watercolor Markers: The Versatile Watercolor Option

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Watercolor is a wonderful medium, but as with all things there are some down sides. This leads us to looking at some of the best watercolor markers. A new take on what it means to watercolor. This modern take on a classic medium takes a lot of the good, and fixes a lot of the not so great. This creates a wonderfully versatile tool which is easy to use, reasonably priced, and can help you create some wonderful artwork.

Best Watercolor Brushes – Get Your Watercolor on Track

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Watercolor is one of our favorite mediums of art. But you’re going to need a brush to get started. So here are the best watercolor brushes out there. We’ve split things into a few categories, so there should be an option for you, regardless of your level.

Best Watercolor Paint Sets for Artists of all Abilities

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When it comes to painting on of the most accessible disciplines is watercolor. Easy to start but hard master. We are taking a look at the best watercolor paint sets for artists of all abilities. Trying to find quality beginner (student) grade paint at a reasonable price. While also showing you some of the professional paints that could help take your art to the next level.

5 Best Sketchbooks For Markers – The Easiest Way To Stop Your Markers Bleeding!


Markers are a fun way of illustrating enjoyed by many. But finding the sketchbooks for markers can prove to be a difficult task. Markers are prone to bleeding on many types of paper, as well as showing through on the back side of the page. So what shall you do? Well worry not, we have done the hard work for you. Looking at qualities that make the best sketchbooks for markers as well as a selection of choices that you may like.

Real Alternatives to Copic Markers – Can Anyone Challenge the King?

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While Copics may be the king of the hill when it comes to alcohol markers, they do this at a price. If you are in search of some great markers but Copic prices are out of your reach (or you’re just looking for a better deal), then you’ll love our rundown of alternatives to copic markers. These are not just some cheap alcohol markers. These are markers that are really capable in their own right while coming in at a more comfortable price point.

8 Best Acrylic Paints – Finding The Right Paint For You

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As one of the more modern mediums of art, acrylics are a hugely attractive way of doing things. With the incredible variety of paints available things can get a little confusing so we have put together a rundown of the best acrylic paints we could find. Covering all the different types of paint as well as making sure to explain all the technical terms as we go along.

6 Best Alcohol Based Markers – It’s Not Just About Copics

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Today we are looking at the best alcohol based marker. This is a medium which has a big player that we are sure you will have heard of, but with a little digging we’ve also found a few gems that may also be of interest. We’ve also gone ahead and answered some of the most common marker related questions, as well as letting you know what to look for if you decide to go marker shopping on your own.

Finding The Best Oil Pastels – Blend Your Way to a Masterpiece

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Oil pastel is a wonderful and often forgotten medium of art. For that reason we’ve pulled together some information on the best oil pastels out there. All the information that you will need to know to get started using oil pastels. We’ve also gone ahead and answered all of the most common pastel related questions in one place.